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Inspiration: A Note from MeLissa

In high school, I remember writing a letter to the editor of our local newspaper. It was a small town paper that was printed once a week. I was distraught about the lack of support our high school volleyball team was receiving. We had made it to the district finals, but only a handful of fans showed up to see us win. I wrote down some thoughts and sent it to the local paper. When the paper arrived on the townspeople's doorstep that week, boy did it raise a ruckus!


I was shocked! People talked about that article for days! Most of all, the article brought results! Fans began supporting our team.


It was during this experience that I realized the power of the written word. The editor of the paper asked me to begin writing the sports section of the paper. I loved the experience of writing for our small town.


Since that time, I've been writing. However, I no longer write the sports section. I remember thinking, "If people can be impacted by a sports article, why can't they be impacted for eternity?" After receiving my education at a Bible college, the major papers in the nation weren't beating down my door with job offers. I knew I needed to find another way to reach the millions of people I dreamed of reaching. Then it hit me -- the Internet is the key!


I began writing and editing for AllAboutGOD.com because they reach hundred of thousands of people a year! The Internet truly is the mission field of the 21st century! I have the privilege of sharing with the world that Jesus Christ died for their sins on the cross. Jesus was buried and rose again to offer them eternity in heaven. What is better inspiration than that?


~ MeLissa Houdmann


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