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Kudos from clients:


"MeLissa tackled a mountain of information and turned it into fine summaries of what our organization teaches on a variety of parenting topics. And she did it quickly. A real pleasure to work with."
Ray Seldomridge
Media Director, Parenting Group
Focus on the Family




As Director of Content for AllAboutGOD.com, MeLissa desires to serve God through her writing talents. She works with writers of all proficiency levels: professional authors and those just starting out. She helps each one develop or improve the skills they need to further their message.
As a specialist in search engine optimization (SEO), I need content experts to come along side me to develop and improve web content for SEO purposes. MeLissa has an extraordinary ability to develop new content or edit existing web content. I highly recommend her to help you achieve your Web site goals.
Greg Outlaw
President, AllAboutGOD.com




"MeLissa is truly exceptional at her craft. In a ministry that turns out dozens of articles a week, she's the one that makes it all happen, and makes everyone else look good. Great writing and editing under extreme time pressure -- MeLissa's my hero!"


Randall Niles

ThinkWorks and AllAboutGOD.com




"MeLissa Houdmann is a woman of excellence. Whether she is writing an article on evangelism, doctrines of the Bible, or topics that interest young women, she does it after much thought, prayer, and research. MeLissa is dedicated to sharing the truth of the Gospel with those who need the Savior."


Janice Spayd

Friendship Bible Coffee Department

Stonecroft Ministries




MeLissa is a consummate professional in a world where integrity is getting harder to recognize. She has it all: talent, dedication, strong character, ability to persevere and dedication to seeing a job through. Whatever your writing and editing needs are, MeLissa can help you achieve them!


Peggy Matthews Rose

Freelance writer and editor




I had been asked to do some writing which is definitely not my forte. I knew that MeLissa was available and that she would help me get the finished product. She would take my feeble attempts and make them something very good. I would not hesitate to seek her help in any writing project I undertake.


Gayl Fredling

Stonecroft Ministries



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