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We specialize in writing internet content for your business, church, or organization.


Writing Web Content That Works!

What makes writing for the web different than writing for print?


Read this article to find out!





Editing for Web or Print

MeLissa will edit existing or new text—both Web-based or print. She will edit for meaning, word placement, grammar, spelling, etc. She can also edit for search engine optimization purposes. She has experience working with secular and Christian Web site content.


  • Proofreading - Checking for typos, correct punctuation, and grammar.

  • Content Editing - Reviewing content for organizational flow, style consistency, and sentence structure and clarity.

  • Search Engine Optimization - Critiquing and developing site content to be listed highly in the major search engines.


Writing for Web or Print

People read Web sites in different ways than print media. MeLissa keeps up with the trends and will write or rewrite your Web site or print content accordingly. Do you have a product or service to sell? If so, contact MeLissa for more information.

A unique service we offer is the ability to write a lot of content in a short period of time. We have a writing team that can complete hundreds of articles per month. If you have large project that needs completed quickly, consider this option.




Web Design

MeLissa and her husband design Web sites for churches, small businesses, and individuals who want "easy to maintain" sites. The Houdmanns' low-cost method of Web site design has yielded many satisfied customers.

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